Nepal postpones decennial national census due to Covid-19 surge

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Kathmandu, May 3

The authorities has postponed the nationalist census 2021 that it was conducting aft a spread of 10 years owed to the caller surge successful the Covid-19 cases successful assorted districts of the country.

The Central Bureau of Statistics had scheduled the nationalist colonisation census from June 8 to 22. Preparations were taking spot astatine a velocity for the past fewer weeks.

However, the furniture gathering held connected Sunday evening decided to postpone the programme until the adjacent notice, informs the authorities spokesperson Communications and Information Minister Parbat Gurung.

Gurung says it volition not imaginable to sojourn each household arsenic the pandemic has reached its highest now

Meanwhile, the bureau besides postponed assorted activities specified arsenic grooming it was carrying retired to hole for the event.

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