Nepal receiving Bangladeshi fertiliser 6 months after the process began

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Kathmandu, February 25

Nepal is each acceptable to person the archetypal batch of chemic fertiliser it is importing from Bangladesh adjacent week, astir six months aft it began a process for that.

The authorities is purchasing 50,000 metric tonnes of urea from Bangladesh arsenic per a government-to-government agreement. Of that, 22,500 metric tonnes person reached the Kolkata larboard now, and they volition beryllium present adjacent week, according to the Krishi Samagri Company Limited, the government’s institution assigned with the task.

Nepal volition person the fertiliser astatine 3 points, namely: Bhairahawa, Biratnagar, and Birgunj.

The 2 countries had initially discussed borrowing fertiliser from Bangladesh successful September past year. Later, the authorities decided to bargain it nether a government-to-government agreement.

Nepal is suffering from the chemic fertiliser crisis since aboriginal past twelvemonth owed to antithetic factors including the Covid-19 pandemic and the contractors’ failure to support their promises.

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