Nepal seeks alternative to India for Covid-19 vaccines

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Kathmandu, April 29

As the Indian Serum Institute did not nonstop connected time 1 cardinal doses of the Covishield Covid-19 vaccines that Nepal has already paid the terms for, the authorities has launched efforts to question alternate suppliers.

In February, Nepal had paid the institution Rs 930 cardinal to acquisition 2 cardinal doses of the Covishield Covid-19 vaccines. The institution delivered fractional of the supplies immediately, but the 2nd fractional is inactive awaited.

If the vaccines had arrived connected time, the authorities would person signed different declaration with the institution for the proviso of further 5 cardinal vaccines. However, with the unexpected delay, the authorities is successful the temper to hunt for alternatives.

In a speech with Nepali Congress lawmaker Gagan Kumar Thapa connected Twitter connected Wednesday, Foreign Affairs Minister Pradeep Kumar Gyawali has claimed that the authorities has already initiated a process to import immoderate doses of vaccines from the United States.

सुझावका लागि धन्यवाद माननीयज्यू ।यस सम्बन्धमा आवश्यक प्रक्रिया अगाडि बढ़ाई सकिएको छ ।

— Pradeep Gyawali (@PradeepgyawaliK) April 28, 2021

Uttam Ghimire, the 2nd caput astatine the Nepali Embassy successful Washington, besides confirms the initiative, maintaining nary substantive advancement has been made yet.

Meanwhile, preparations are besides underway to import the Sputnik V vaccines from Russia. The authorities has precocious approved the vaccine for exigency use. A high-level Russian squad has reportedly discussed the export of the vaccines with Health Minister Hridayesh Tripathi connected Wednesday.

Likewise, Chinese Foreign Minister Wang Yi, successful a video conference with his 5 South Asian counterparts including Gyawali connected Tuesday, has said Beijing is acceptable to supply vaccines arsenic a assistance and arsenic a purchase.

So far, Nepal has imported the pursuing vaccines:

  1. Covishield: 1 cardinal doses arsenic a grant from India
  2. Covishield: 1 cardinal doses purchased from India
  3. Covishield: 348,000 doses arsenic a assistance from the UN’s Covax
  4. Vero Cell: 800,000 doses arsenic a grant from China
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