Nepali Ambassador to the UK presents credential after 5 months of appointment

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Kathmandu, June 10

Nepal’s Ambassador to the United Kingdom, Lok Darshan Regmi, has presented a missive of credence to the British Queen Elizabeth II.

Former main caput Regmi was appointed the envoy successful January.

Ambassador Regmi presented the missive amidst a peculiar ceremonial held astatine Buckingham Palace connected Wednesday, informs the London-based Nepali Embassy. After virtually presenting the missive connected the occasion, Ambassador Regmi besides conveyed the connection of the president and the premier curate of Nepal.

Receiving the missive of credence, the queen wished for the palmy tenure of Ambassador Regmi. Also, she noted that the UK and Nepal enjoyed peculiar relations and the UK placed precedence to assistance Nepal successful its efforts for development. Recalling her 2 humanities Nepal visits, the queen besides enquired astir Nepal’s concern successful the aftermath of the Covid-19 pandemic and vaccination, Ambassador Regmi shared.

On the occasion, Ambassador Regmi extended his acknowledgment to the UK for its enactment to Nepal successful the socio-economic improvement assemblage for a agelong clip arsenic good arsenic successful the ongoing combat against coronavirus pandemic.

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