Nepali film industry has seen a few women directors, but they are yet to prove their potential

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The archetypal movie made successful Nepal is Aama, which translates to a mother. Gradually, the movies with names similar Maitighar, Kumari, Sindur, Kanchhi, Behuli, Chelibeti, Tilhari, and Kanyadan came. All the names represented women and feminine values successful immoderate mode oregon the other. But, however overmuch did these movies seizure their lives and emotions?

The crushed wherefore this question whitethorn beryllium meaningful is the films made during that time, including their stories, scripts and directorial techniques, were dominated by men. After a agelong wait, Suchitra Shrestha challenged this and came up with the movie ‘Prem Yuddha’ arsenic a manager successful 2001.

Despite being directed by a woman, this movie did not represent the emotions of women.

After Shrestha, it took astir one-and-a-half-decade for a pistillate manager to look successful the industry. It was was ‘Himmatwali’ directed by Rekha Thapa, which raised the contented of women empowerment.

Thapa inspired her contemporaries to travel suit. As a result, determination are astatine slightest a fewer directors similar Deepa Shree Niraula, Renasha Bantawa Rai, Jharana Thapa, and Rekha Thapa successful the Nepali cinema industry. However, immoderate of them person been successful, immoderate not.  

Fluctuating occurrence rates 

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In fact, astir of the women directors person not been capable to spell beyond 1 oregon 2 films. For instance, Shrestha, the archetypal pistillate director, was confined to 1 film. 

Likewise, Raksha Singh Rana, who is presently the president of the Film Directors Guild, debuted arsenic a manager from the movie ‘The Game’. However, her movie could not beryllium a commercialized success. 

Media property Samjhana Upreti Rauniyar besides attempted absorption successful 2 movies, ‘Megha’ and ‘Fagu’. Both the films were failures successful the container office, therefore, apparently, she is lone progressive arsenic a media personality.

Similarly, the movie ‘Antaral’ directed by different woman, Deepa Bista, got bully reviews but was not a commercialized success. She besides directed the movie ‘Shree Panch Ambare’ which besides did not bash well. Since then, she has not directed a caller film.

Rekha Thapa directed ‘Himmatwali’. It did not gain bully captious comments but was a blockbuster successful the container office. However, her 2nd directorial task ‘Malika’ could not bash good connected immoderate front. After ‘Malika’, she has not directed immoderate movies to date.

In the meantime, Samundra Bhatta came up with the movie ‘Aadha Page’. But, this movie did not tally good successful the container office. After this, determination were talks of Bhatta making different movie named ‘Maya’ with histrion Nita Dhungana. However, the filming of the movie has not started yet.

Likewise, Lakshu Gautam besides stepped successful arsenic a director. She directed 2 films ‘Ta, Ma Ra U’ and ‘Kalo Barsha’; neither could fare good successful the market.

Potential of women directors

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Despite immoderate failures, determination are immoderate progressive women directors successful the Nepali movie manufacture who are doing bully concern astatine the container office. 

In caller times, commercially palmy ‘Chhakka Panja‘ series, ‘A Mero Hajur‘ series, ‘Himmatwali‘ and ‘Intu Mintu Londonma‘ were each women-directed films, directed by Deepa Shree Niraula, Jharana Thapa and Renasha Bantawa Rai respectively.

Actor-turned-director Niraula has already directed 3 films successful the Chhakka Panja series. All 3 films clasp the highest-earning records. Due to that, she is besides called a blockbuster director.

Despite giving 3 blockbusters, galore radical judge she did not really nonstop those movies, but conscionable her sanction was utilized due to the fact that she has not directed a movie extracurricular Deepak Raj Giri’s group.

Jharana Thapa, who is besides an actor, started her directorial travel with ‘A Mero Hajur 2‘. This movie did well. Similarly, she besides made its sequel ‘A Mero Hajur 3′ from her ain company. This movie besides proved to beryllium a blockbuster. Meanwhile, she is presently engaged shooting for the movie ‘A Mero Hajur 4’.

Renasha Bantawa Rai is simply a choreographer-turned-director. She started her directing vocation with the movie ‘Intu Mintu Londonma’. This movie won the hearts of the audience. Therefore, astatine the occurrence enactment of the film, she announced the absorption of the movie ‘I Am Twenty-one’. As of now, she is engaged with the post-production enactment of this movie.

There is simply a precise debased beingness of women directors successful the Nepali movie industry. Most of these progressive directors are present engaged with their ain location accumulation movies.

As of now, determination is simply a much comfy situation for women to nonstop films than before. However, women are inactive not capable to determination guardant openly successful movie directing.

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