Newcastle disease kills 1,200 chickens in Ilam

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Ilam, February 25

The decease of chickens successful a ample fig successful the Ilam territory has disquieted farmers here.

On Sunday and Monday alone, 1,200 chickens died, incurring losses worthy implicit Rs 450,000, says a poultry trader Binod Pokharel.

The chickens died owed to the Newcastle disease, says the Veterinary Hospital and Livestock Service Expert Centre, Ilam.

However, the farmers person claimed that their chickenhearted died adjacent aft administering vaccines against the disease. “I got my chickens vaccinated against the disease. But, it did not enactment and they died,” says Dinesh Mahat, the president of the Poultry Entrepreneurs Association.

Livestock technician Prakash Luitel informs that a ample fig of chickens successful Ilam municipality person died aft falling ill.

Following this, the work halfway collected and sent samples of the chickens to a laboratory successful Biratnagar. The chickens died owed to the illness according to the laboratory trial report, says Dr Sanjaya Dhungana.

“Some farmers did not get their chickens vaccinated against the disease. So this happened arsenic a result. The vaccine whitethorn not enactment retired if the somesthesia is not maintained,” helium says.

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