NU’EST Talks About Participating In Production Of First Full-Length Album In 7 Years

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On April 19, NU’EST held a showcase for their caller medium “Romanticize,” the group’s archetypal full-length medium successful 7 years.

JR said, “It’s been a portion since we released immoderate album, but it’s been 7 years since we released a full-length album. I’m truly tense and excited. I deliberation that we’ll beryllium capable to amusement a batch of divers sides of ourselves since it’s an medium that we’ve been preparing for a agelong time.”

Minhyun said, “We didn’t instrumentality a peculiar attack [to the workplace album]. Since it was our archetypal medium successful a while, we worked with the mindset of gifting our fans with adjacent amended music. We wanted to stock much stories, truthful we accumulated a batch of b-side tracks, and it was astir clip for america to bash a full-length album, truthful that’s however it became similar that.”

He added, “In the workplace medium we released 7 years ago, the members had precise small information successful the accumulation process. This time, Baekho was astatine the halfway of medium accumulation and each subordinate tried to amusement his ain thoughts successful their solo tracks. We grew a batch implicit the past 7 years.”

Aron, who precocious took a hiatus from activities owed to anxiety, said, “I took a interruption and spent my clip resting. I had a batch of discussions with the bureau and the members astir promotions. They respected my wishes and it was decided that I would beforehand flexibly without putting strain connected my health. I’m looking guardant to it, since it’s our archetypal comeback successful a while.” Ren added, “I’m gladsome that we’re promoting together. We could consciousness his lack a lot. I’m grateful that we’re capable to beforehand unneurotic again.”

Each of the members has a solo way connected the album. Baekho said, “Each subordinate has their ain clear, unsocial personality. It’s to the constituent that you tin wonderment however 1 radical tin beryllium formed of specified antithetic people. This ‘difference’ was truthful amusive that we wanted to amusement it to fans done our music. We thought astir however to make solo euphony that would amusement our idiosyncratic personalities.” Minhyun added, “Under the wide taxable of ‘romanticize,’ each of the members expressed what they wanted.”

Ren said, “It took maine a agelong clip to grounds my song. I re-recorded it respective times. The past clip I recorded, I started astir 11 p.m. and went until 8 a.m. I recorded without stopping, and erstwhile it was yet implicit and I went home, the prima had risen. I got a headache from signaling excessively long, but it was benignant of romanticist successful its ain right.” JR said, “I’m a rapper, but this was a bully accidental for maine to sing. I felt a bit giddy sometimes erstwhile I recorded. As I worked connected solo music, I realized however large it was to beforehand with members who capable up the parts that I lack.”

Check retired the euphony video for the rubric way “INSIDE OUT” here!

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