Number of visitors up in Shreesadan of Narayanhiti Museum

2 days ago 14

Shreesadan, the residence of erstwhile king Birendra and queen Aishwarya, of Narayanhiti Palace Museum has seen maturation successful visitors’ fig successful the caller weeks.  

Inaugurated connected November 21 past year, the Shreesadan was opened for wide nationalist from November 22. Shreesadan includes the rooms of the erstwhile royal mates and the different royal household members.

Information Officer of Narayanhiti Palace Museum Development Committee and Republic Memorial Management Committee Buddhi Bahadur Gurung said that the conception of the depository has seen crowds of visitors.    

In the past 3 months, astir 40,000 visitors person entered the Shreesadan since its opening.  

Build successful 2023 BS, the Shreesadan was utilized by the erstwhile king Birendra arsenic his backstage residence.

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