Park Ji Hoon And Bae In Hyuk Talk About Their Chemistry In “At A Distance Spring Is Green”

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At a Distance Spring is Green” stars Park Ji Hoon and Bae In Hyuk dished connected their budding relationship and moving unneurotic down the scenes!

Based connected a fashionable webtoon, “At a Distance Spring is Green” is simply a caller KBS play astir the realistic struggles of assemblage students facing the harsh realities of a pugnacious world.

Park Ji Hoon volition prima successful the play arsenic Yeo Joon, a first-year pupil from a affluent household who seems to person it all, but secretly harbors a achy affectional wound. With his handsome looks and sunny personality, Yeo Joon is immensely fashionable and beloved by everyone connected campus.

Bae In Hyuk volition prima arsenic Nam Soo Hyun, a frosty third-year pupil who has go a loner by choice. Nam Soo Hyun, who is perpetually engaged struggling to marque ends meet, has drawn a steadfast enactment betwixt himself and his peers—but erstwhile helium and his polar other Yeo Joon transverse paths, they upwind up entangled successful a analyzable narration that mixes friendship, obsession, and feelings of indebtedness.

Park Ji Hoon revealed that helium and Bae In Hyuk had go friends successful existent beingness portion filming the drama, sharing, “Because we’ve go specified bully friends and are truthful tight-knit, I deliberation we present person large chemistry and teamwork. I consciousness comfy during filming, and I’m having a batch of fun.”

Meanwhile, Bae In Hyuk praised his co-star by remarking, “While filming unneurotic with Park Ji Hoon, I deliberation I’m receiving a batch of affirmative vigor from him. He’s an histrion who’s truly bully astatine bringing Yeo Joon’s unsocial sunny charm to life.”

“At a Distance Spring is Green” premieres connected June 14 astatine 9:30 p.m. KST and volition beryllium disposable with subtitles connected Viki.

In the meantime, cheque retired a teaser for the play with English subtitles below!

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