People facing difficulties for banking services in Mikwakhola

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The officials and locals of Mikwakhola Rural Municipality successful Taplejung person faced hardships to get banking services and person to question for hours to the territory office arsenic a backstage slope delayed its program to unfastened a subdivision there.

As per the cardinal bank's circulation to the slope and fiscal institutions (BFIs) immoderate 4 years ago, the Century Commercial Bank was expected to unfastened its subdivision successful Mikwakhola. But, the slope has not opened its bureau until now.

For deficiency of banking services successful the agrarian municipality, the officials person faced difficulties for the fiscal transaction of the authorities offices, Accounts Officer of Mikwakhola Rural Municipality Prashanta Bhattarai said. 

"We should unreserved to the territory office to merchandise our ain salary. Locals, teachers, officials of the section level and people's representatives person faced difficulties successful getting banking services," helium added. 

As per the authorities policy, societal information allowance, pension and each kinds of payments from the section level should beryllium carried retired done banking channel.        

Chief Administrative Officer of Mikwakhola Yogendra Raj Gurung said, "We made predominant requests to Century Commercial Bank to found its subdivision successful this agrarian municipality. 
But, the slope is avoiding our requests nether antithetic pretexts," Gurung said. 

The officials and stakeholders are forced to sojourn the territory office astatine slightest for 5 times until it is settled aft the task statement is signed, acknowledgment to Century Commercial Bank's deferral to unfastened its subdivision successful Mikwakhola.  

However, Rajendra Adhikari, Chief of General Service Department astatine the bank's office successful Kathmandu said that each instrumentality are supplied to the tract to unfastened the subdivision bureau portion admitting that it was the bank's mistake to hold successful opening its subdivision owed to deficiency of a reliable net connectivity service. 

Adhikari claimed that information unit are recruited and a location is rented for the bank's bureau successful Mikwakhola. He said that fiscal transaction volition statesman determination aft the net connectivity is availed.

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