Pledis Releases Statement On Further Allegations Surrounding SEVENTEEN’s Mingyu + Mingyu Pauses Activities

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On February 28, Pledis Entertainment released a caller authoritative connection to share their presumption connected the school unit accusations that were made against SEVENTEEN’s Mingyu.

Following the first accusatory post connected February 22, which Pledis Entertainment denied was true, a antithetic station was shared online connected February 26. In this post, the station creator wrote astir a pupil with autism who was a unfortunate of Mingyu’s alleged bullying. Another idiosyncratic posted connected Instagram astir a time Mingyu and his person had sexually harassed her successful school.

Read Pledis Entertainment’s latest connection below.


This is Pledis Entertainment.

We denote our position on the claims that were posted online regarding SEVENTEEN subordinate Mingyu’s schoolhouse days.

First, we apologize for not being capable to stock our presumption much promptly.

After caller claims were made, we had checked with the creator himself and taken further procedures to verify the facts. In the process, we confirmed that determination is simply a discrepancy betwixt what was posted and what we person checked with the artist.

As determination are galore issues being raised socially regarding schoolhouse violence, we decided it was foremost successful value to cheque the nonstop facts of the substance and are presently carrying retired steps to verify each matter. We apologize that we are precocious successful announcing our presumption owed to this process.

As stated above, we utilized assorted ways to interaction the idiosyncratic progressive successful the substance astatine the clip successful bid to verify the nonstop facts and are presently successful interaction with them arsenic well. We person checked with the artist’s erstwhile classmates and different acquaintances astir the circumstances astatine the time.

To archetypal explicate what has been confirmed truthful far, it was said that the creator bullied a pupil with disabilities, but this is wholly false.

The creator intelligibly remembers the idiosyncratic who is being referred to arsenic the victim, truthful we were capable to interaction their parent aft asking around. She has confirmed to america that the idiosyncratic being referred to arsenic the unfortunate had successful information been connected bully presumption with the artist. The parent remembered the names of the students who bullied her kid astatine school, truthful she was capable to corroborate this information with america immediately.

The idiosyncratic who was referred to arsenic the unfortunate is presently surviving good successful nine and feels burdened astir the incidents of their past being known without their consent and successful a mode that they did not privation for. Despite this, they person verified the facts with america for the involvement of the artist.

We are actively looking into the different matters arsenic well. However, it is hard to place the radical who uploaded the posts online, and successful immoderate of the posts, the writer has expressed their reluctance to beryllium reached retired to, making it a concern successful which it is not lone hard to get into interaction with them, but besides 1 that requires discretion.

We respect the writer’s presumption of not wanting a nonstop confrontation. At the aforesaid time, if it’s what the writer wants, we are unfastened to gathering with the writer and confirming the facts astatine immoderate clip and successful the mode they prefer, and we volition instrumentality measures accordingly aft that.

We person nary objections astir the opinion that the society-wide contented of schoolhouse unit indispensable beryllium considered from the victim’s perspective. However, successful summation to the victim’s perspective, we determined that it was indispensable to intelligibly verify the facts before taking any indispensable measures.

The matters that were deemed problematic were incidents that took spot successful the past erstwhile the creator was successful simple schoolhouse and mediate school, truthful we judge that it is indispensable to verify the facts and get arsenic adjacent arsenic imaginable to what truly happened successful bid to marque a judgement.

The creator himself shared his apology for causing discomfort to fans owed to this contented being raised. He has temporarily halted his scheduled activities and entrusted the institution to instrumentality the indispensable measures to corroborate the facts.

We besides bow our heads successful apology for causing discomfort with thing related to our artist.

This announcement is not the extremity of this matter, and we volition proceed to corroborate the facts and instrumentality measures accordingly. However, we inquire for your knowing arsenic this is not a elemental process and volition instrumentality immoderate time.

It is astir important to conscionable those who person stated they were harmed, verify the facts, and assistance their intelligence wounds heal. In summation to this, we cannot marque a swift determination astir thing that volition interaction an artist’s beingness without making definite of the facts, and we inquire for your knowing connected this arsenic well. Of course, after we person completed our fact-checking and find that determination was wide culpability, we committedness to instrumentality wide measures accordingly.

We erstwhile again stock our apology for causing an inconvenience with a substance related to our artist.

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