RBW Acquires WM Entertainment

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WM Entertainment has go a statement of RBW Entertainment.

On April 7, RBW announced, “We are acquiring WM Entertainment, the bureau of groups Oh My Girl, B1A4, and ONF.”

RBW completed a SPA (sales and acquisition agreement) with WM Entertainment’s largest shareholder connected March 31, acquiring 70 percent of WM Entertainment’s shares and bringing successful the institution arsenic a subsidiary.

The 2 companies volition now work connected creating synergy done adjacent cooperation. .

RBW is location to artists including MAMAMOO, ONEUS, ONEWE, and PURPLE KISS, portion WM Entertainment houses artists specified arsenic Oh My Girl, B1A4, ONF, and IZ*ONE’s Lee Chae Yeon.

RBW’s CEO Kim Jin Woo commented, “WM Entertainment is simply a institution that has grown rapidly successful the amusement manufacture successful Korea and internationally done their capabilities successful observe and grooming artists. As each institution has accumulated antithetic know-hows, we volition show caller synergy portion moving together. Developing strategical concern based connected contented IP (intellectual property), we volition enactment to pb K-content civilization crossed the satellite beyond Korea.”

With this acquisition, WM Entertainment volition run arsenic an autarkic statement of RBW and support their existent management.

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