Saigrace: The storyteller who rose to fame by leaps and bounds looks for more insightful stories

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Unboxing YouTube’s metallic play button, Saigrace is emotional. His dependable is wobbly, a small heavy too. It is evident helium is overwhelmed by the emotion helium has been getting connected each platforms. But, helium says this is special. From having small implicit 13,000 followers successful April to implicit 113,000 successful precocious December, Saigrace Pokharel, successful a abbreviated span, has travel a agelong way.

“This is conscionable a start. I anticipation to bash a batch much and stock much insightful stories with you,” helium says successful a video, addressing his followers.

Storytelling for an impact

A ‘social interaction storyteller’, Pokharel, a autochthonal of Kathmandu, is presently based successful Barcelona, Spain wherever helium produces commercialized photos and videos for assorted companies. He tells the communicative of a communal antheral oregon pistillate successful a elemental yet captivating manner. His stories mostly absorption connected societal issues and quality values which person straight oregon indirectly impacted him. All of them transportation a message. As a result, his videos person been watched by Nepali-speaking radical of each ages from Rolpa successful Nepal to Sikkim successful India to Osaka successful Japan.

Even though radical mightiness person conscionable discovered Pokharel, his storytelling travel began years agone successful Nepal. Growing up successful the country’s capital, helium was a funny kid who, from an aboriginal age, had a happening for stories. In school, helium took portion successful each the extracurricular activities. He sang, wrote songs, stories and poems, took portion successful play and adjacent tried his manus astatine comedy.

“Taking portion successful each these activities conscionable amplified my emotion for storytelling,” says Pokharel.

Even though helium worked successful an administrative bureau nether the Ministry of Health, helium continued to larn the creation of storytelling. He knew helium could bash it, but helium realised that helium was bully astatine it, during a younker league hosted by the Sri Sathya Sai International Organisation Nepal successful Pokhara successful 2012 erstwhile helium shared stories successful beforehand of thousands similar him.

“People were listening to maine with profound concentration. That, I feel, is the biggest compliment anyone who is connected signifier tin get,” helium says. “It was past I felt that I could beryllium bully astatine that.”

Before helium got to Pokhara, helium had been portion of immoderate films. He had a passionateness for filmmaking, thing helium inactive does. He says moving successful these projects helped him recognize the value of storytelling.

“I had felt filmmaking was easy. But, erstwhile I got there, I realised however overmuch effort it took to marque one. And, it is besides determination that I learnt that unless your communicative is good, adjacent if you sprout it with the world’s astir costly camera, your movie won’t beryllium a success,” helium says.

Photo: Saigrace Pokharel

The Facebook fame

He past started to marque euphony videos, commercialized videos for organisations and gave his dependable to galore projects. Many videos were doing good connected the internet, but nary were enactment connected his societal media pages.

It was successful April 2020, conscionable erstwhile Spain (and the world) went into a lockdown, that helium decided to marque a video for his Facebook page. The video, titled 90s kid, described the beingness of a millennial. Within a fewer days, the video went viral amassing implicit a cardinal views and Saigrace introduced himself to the world.

“People called maine from Sikkim telling maine however their 75-year-old parent tells them to enactment my videos arsenic they similar it. As a storyteller, these tiny things spell a agelong way,” helium says.

He writes these stories himself arsenic helium has lived astir of them, helium says. If helium has not lived them, helium puts himself successful the character’s footwear due to the fact that helium knows however important it is to cognize the world of a taxable earlier presenting it to an audience. That is wherefore his stories person an affectional pull. He says helium spends a time penning the publication and a time to sprout and edit it.

“I consciousness storytelling is not conscionable an art, it’s besides science. You request to cognize however to modulate it and erstwhile to pause. When I write, I bash not conscionable accidental it arsenic it is. I improvise. That’s wherever emotions travel in.”

His videos connected Facebook person done rather well. A fewer person deed the cardinal people portion galore person been viewed astatine slightest 50,000 times. His novel, Mero Adhuro Prem, which helium released connected YouTube, has implicit 1.3 cardinal views.

Long roadworthy ahead

“The emotion I’ve been getting is humbling. I anticipation that I tin proceed to beryllium impacting the lives of radical done my stories.”

He says helium gets messages from young boys and girls who accidental helium inspires them. He is asked to complaint their efforts. He believes this can, successful the agelong run, make involvement amongst the modern younker for literature.

“It feels bully that radical are being productive and are reading. It feels large to person been capable to interaction radical successful specified a manner,” helium says.

But, helium wants to marque 1 happening clear. Reading a communicative to the wide nationalist does not marque them a storyteller. He says a batch of radical are confusing narration with storytelling.

“Storytelling is an creation form. It has besides got immoderate subject to it. I consciousness what separates it from narration is the quality to compellingly archer a story,” helium says. “But, if 1 continues to constitute and enactment hard, they tin go a storyteller. It’s conscionable however overmuch effort 1 puts in.”

Since helium started, it’s not each praise that helium has been getting. He has had his stock of hatred comments too. But helium says helium isn’t affected by it.

“Getting hatred comments is portion of the job. Makes maine privation to enactment harder,” helium says.

Putting that aside, helium is moving connected projects with the United Nations, Save the Children and Water Aid to dispersed consciousness regarding health, sanitation and intelligence health.

“I person a batch to offer. Gradually, I anticipation I tin proceed to interaction the lives of people,” helium says.

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