Song Kang And Han So Hee’s Upcoming JTBC Romance Drama Excites With Teaser Poster

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JTBC’s upcoming romance play “I Know But” (literal translation) released a caller teaser poster!

Based on a webtoon of the aforesaid name, “I Know But” is astir a pistillate named Yoo Na Bi (Han So Hee) who wants to day but doesn’t judge successful love, and a antheral named Park Jae Uhn (Song Kang), who thinks dating is simply a fuss but wants to flirt.

Park Jae Uhn is affable and cheerful towards everyone, but helium is really uninterested successful different radical and has sworn disconnected dating. He’s a maestro of the “push-and-pull” who doesn’t get swept up successful emotions. He draws steadfast lines betwixt himself and different radical and doesn’t uncover however helium feels, but erstwhile helium meets Yoo Na Bi, helium finds himself wanting to transverse those lines.

After a cruel and bitter acquisition with her archetypal love, Yoo Na Bi nary longer believes successful destiny and makes up her caput not to get swept up successful emotion again. When she meets Park Jae Uhn, however, helium has a magical effect connected her that shakes up her determination to stay aloof.

The first teaser poster does not prima either of the main characters, but it inactive makes hearts flutters with the romanticist atmosphere. The photograph contains the legs of a antheral and pistillate who are intimately facing each other. They’re some wearing cleanable achromatic sneakers, and the shadows stimulate curiosity astir their relationship. The words connected the poster reads, “I hatred it, but I similar it,” which hint that the antheral and woman can’t assistance but autumn successful emotion adjacent though they whitethorn not beryllium bully for each other.

The accumulation squad shared, “Han So Hee and Song Kang’s chemistry that maximized the characters’ charms by adding their ain styles request nary explanation. They are Yoo Na Bi and Park Jae Uhn themselves. The impudent and realistic emotion communicative the 2 young actors will portray volition marque hearts flutter. In bid to revive the amusive of the archetypal work, we decided to air ten episodes of speedy plots erstwhile a week.”

“I Know But” volition premiere connected June 19 astatine 11 p.m. KST.

In the meantime, ticker Song Kang successful “When the Devil Calls Your Name“:

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