Stray Kids Shares Thoughts On “Kingdom” Win, Most-Improved Member, What They Learned From BTOB, And More

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Stray Kids has shared their thoughts on their unthinkable tally and triumph connected “Kingdom: Legendary War,” memorable performances, and more!

“Kingdom,” the antheral version of Mnet’s original contention programme “Queendom,” featured THE BOYZ (who won the preliminary amusement “Road to Kingdom), Stray Kids, ATEEZ, BTOB, iKON, and SF9.

On apical of winning the payment points from the archetypal introductory circular of performances, Stray Kids placed archetypal successful assorted categories passim the pursuing rounds, including the adept evaluations, self-evaluations, show video presumption count, and planetary instrumentality votes. In the last episode, they placed archetypal with the highest combined total of digital performance, global instrumentality votes, and scores from erstwhile rounds.

Their caller opus “WOLFGANG” ranked successful the apical 10 of Apple Music opus charts in 28 countries astir the satellite and apical 10 connected iTunes charts successful 13 countries. On the latest Billboard World Digital Song Sales Chart, “WOLFGANG” debuted astatine No. 4 and ranked No. 109 on Billboard’s Global Excl. U.S. chart, which ranks songs based connected streaming and income information from hundreds of territories excluding the United States.

Regarding their win, person Bang Chan shared, “We worked hard to amusement bully performances connected ‘Kingdom’ but we privation to convey galore people, particularly STAY [Stray Kids’ authoritative instrumentality club], aft receiving specified a affirmative effect successful our win. We judge this is simply a trophy fixed to america truthful that we enactment harder. In the future, we volition enactment humble and amusement a bully image.”

Out of each their performances, Lee Know, Felix, and Seungmin each chose their precise archetypal instauration show of “MIROH” arsenic the astir memorable. As their astir innovative performance, Lee Know, Felix, and I.N each picked their mashup of “God’s Menu” and BLACKPINK‘s “DDU-DU DDU-DU.”

At the opening of the mashup performance, the radical paid homage to “Deadpool,” which caught the attention of archetypal histrion Ryan Reynolds. Bang Chan commented, “To beryllium honest, I inactive can’t judge it! Not conscionable Ryan Reynolds but Hugh Jackman besides mentioned Stray Kids, truthful it inactive feels similar we’re dreaming. We’re patiently awaiting the ‘Deadpool’ disguise that Ryan Reynolds promised helium would send. After we person it, I program to upload a photograph with it!”

At the “Kingdom” property conference, Stray Kids shared that the the elder they astir wanted to larn from was BTOB. Regarding what they learned, Changbin explained, “I felt a batch portion personally watching the elder radical that I similar the astir and person ever thought were truly cool. Not conscionable their performances, but I privation to emulate their accordant passionateness for euphony and performing, arsenic good arsenic the proficiency they person arsenic singers successful their 10th twelvemonth of promotions.”

Felix added, “I’m the benignant to wage a batch of attraction to the show facet connected stage. After watching BTOB’s performances, I thought, ‘Performance isn’t everything’ and was capable to broaden my thoughts.”

Although the radical has clearly grown arsenic a whole, Lee Know and Changbin some chose Seungmin arsenic the subordinate who matured the astir passim the people of the programme and who garnered tons of attraction for his vocal talent.

When asked what “Kingdom” means to Stray Kids, Seungmin answered, “‘Kingdom’ is simply a programme that allowed america to look backmost connected ourselves with a wider constituent of presumption and deliberation again astir our future. I’m truthful gladsome that it was an accidental to amusement the nationalist what benignant of radical we are. I’m besides blessed that aft moving truthful hard, our members were capable to amusement however overmuch we’ve grown.”

I.N continued, “Since we were capable to spot archetypal acknowledgment to our STAY much than anything, I judge this was an accidental for america to erstwhile again recognize however precious STAY is. I besides deliberation it was an accidental for our members to turn truthful I deliberation it’ll stay arsenic a truly bully memory.”

To their fans each astir the globe, Bang Chan commented, “I judge this is each acknowledgment to STAY. I deliberation this is simply a effect that could never person been achieved connected our own. Since this is specified a invaluable effect that we’ve achieved with our STAY, we volition bash everything we tin successful the aboriginal to amusement a bully representation and springiness STAY galore much presents.”

Han shared, “Thank you truthful much. Honestly, I was a small acrophobic reasoning astir what would hap if we disappointed our fans oregon near regretful performances, but our STAY got unneurotic and comforted america instead. I judge that the support, energy, and emotion that you’ve sent to america implicit the past 100 days has created this large result. Thank you truthful much. In the future, we volition enactment harder and go an ever-evolving Stray Kids!”

Lastly, regarding their plans moving forward, Lee Know commented, “Just due to the fact that we’ve won, doesn’t mean overmuch volition change. Just similar now, we volition pass with STAY and proceed doing the euphony and performances that we privation to do.”

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