“The Penthouse” Writer Picks Favorite Scenes, Shares Gratitude For Eugene, Responds To Fan Theories, And More

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The writer of deed SBS play “The Penthouse” precocious sat down for an interview to look backmost connected Seasons 1 and 2 and give a peek into the last season!

The June 4 premiere of “The Penthouse 3recorded higher ratings than the archetypal 2 play premieres, peaking astatine 21.9 percent.

When asked to pick the astir memorable scenes from Seasons 1 and 2, writer Kim Soon Ok shared, “In occurrence 20, the country wherever the radical of Hera Club flight from the van and are wading successful the soiled h2o was astir memorable. In Ma Ri’s [Shin Eun Kyung‘s] narration, she addresses the fantastic enactment of Hera Palace, but successful reality, they’re bickering implicit who’s going to spell archetypal done the soiled h2o due to the fact that they each privation to live, truthful the opposition was shown well. I deliberation viewers besides would person felt euphoric astatine that archetypal punishment.”

She continued, “If those radical genuinely begged for forgiveness then, the calamity of Season 2 astir apt wouldn’t person happened. In Season 2, the 2nd punishment for these unchanging radical occurs. I retrieve the scenes I had astir amusive penning were erstwhile Shim Soo Ryeon [Lee Ji Ah] transformed into Na Ae Gyo and pretended to get deed by Joo Dan Tae’s [Uhm Ki Joon‘s] car, and erstwhile she asks ‘What time is it today?’ to the constabulary aft being stuck successful the basement.”

In summation to its thrilling quality relationships, “The Penthouse” besides garnered tons of attention for focusing connected societal issues specified arsenic schoolhouse unit and problems regarding real-estate speculation. The writer shared that these are problems she’s not a alien to successful existent beingness and added, “I deliberation we’ve each met a ‘Min Seol Ah’ [Jo Soo Min] astatine slightest erstwhile successful our lives. Just due to the fact that they’re not arsenic well-off arsenic us, they are hurt, tormented, verbally abused, and substantially inconvenienced. It’s the aforesaid for me. I don’t deliberation immoderate idiosyncratic tin consciousness relaxed astir this problem. Just similar Je Ni [Jin Ji Hee], I deliberation we tin sometimes beryllium perpetrators, and sometimes beryllium victims.”

Kim Soon Ok besides praised her formed and gave a peculiar shoutout to Eugene saying, “I privation to instrumentality this accidental to explicit my gratitude to Eugene, who plays Oh Yoon Hee. After becoming the murderer of Min Seol Ah successful Season 1, she got a batch of hate. She could person been freaking retired but she did not kick erstwhile and lone focused connected the script, pondering what she could bash to beryllium astir similar Oh Yoon Hee. I’m conscionable thankful that she adapted truthful good with her beauteous look to being the astir realistically bully yet evil character.”

Given the immense popularity of the series, galore viewers person incredibly elaborate theories. Some presume that Joo Dan Tae’s sanction came from Dante Alighieri’s “Divine Comedy,” with reference to Zeus and Jupiter, and Bae Ro Na (Kim Hyun Soo) from Verona, Italy, the setting of Shakespeare’s “Romeo and Juliet.”

Kim Soon Ok responded, “Bae Ro Na is from an Italian metropolis that reminds you of opera festivals. Joo Dan Tae’s sanction does not specifically travel from Zeus, but we named him with the astir aggravated nuance. The archetypal sanction we picked was Oh Yoon Hee. We wanted a beauteous communal sanction that astir everyone has seen at slightest once.”

When asked to picture “The Penthouse 3” successful 1 word, the writer answered “ruins.” She explained, “A human sins and the full satellite comes crumbling down. However, adjacent successful that tragic situation, new heavens and world open, and successful betwixt the fallen rocks, plants volition begin sprouting too.”

For however she wishes “The Penthouse” to beryllium remembered, Kim Soon Ok brought up a past remark from a viewer. It read, “I privation to proceed watching however Cheon Seo Jin [Kim So Yeon] lives the remainder of her life.” Kim Soon Ok commented, “As a writer, that’s a remark I’m thankful for. Even aft a play is done, if radical are funny astir however each quality lives, I deliberation that would beryllium the astir blessed and rewarding thing. When I was younger, I wouldn’t beryllium capable to get over concluded dramas and I would deliberation astir the characters, hoping that they were happy. I adjacent retrieve dreaming astir them.”

She added, “Also! I anticipation radical deliberation that the location they’re surviving successful close present is the astir happy. I truly don’t deliberation I’d beryllium capable to unrecorded a time successful the penthouse due to the fact that I’d person a headache.”

Finally, the writer commented to viewers, “Thank you for waiting these agelong 2 months. The actors, writer, accumulation team, and unit volition each bash our champion until the precise end. Please ticker to see how each quality ends up. I don’t cognize if what everyone predicts volition beryllium each close oregon each wrong, but I anticipation that the ending gives you a thrill, adjacent conscionable for a moment.”

SBS’s “The Penthouse 3” airs each Friday astatine 10 p.m. KST.

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