Tunnel test of Melamchi Project starting today

3 days ago 12

Testing of the passageway of Melamchi Drinking Water Project is being started contiguous by filling h2o successful the 26.5 kms tunnel. Officials person shared that full method and different indispensable preparations were completed for the passageway test.   

Spokesperson of Melamchi Drinking Water Development Committee Rajendra Panta said that passageway trial volition beryllium conducted successful Melamchi tract astatine the beingness of Minister for Drinking Water Mani Thapa.  

A task technologist and a operator had died owed to a flood resulting from the breakage of the sluice gross (No. 17) astatine Ambathan successful Helambu portion conducting a trial tally of h2o travel successful the passageway connected July 14 past year.

After the incident, the squad of experts conducted its reexamination of the operation works of tunnel, h2o source, sluice gross and others.  

Executive Director of the Project Tiresh Khatri said, “Experts inspected the operation works. It is acceptable present for the re-test aft incorporating their important feedback.” 

Khatri shared that peculiar attraction is paid this clip to avert the incidental similar that of the past. Rescue program is setup and a chopper is kept successful acceptable position, it is said.

According to Khatri, it takes immoderate 16 days to capable the h2o successful the passageway from Melamchi stream to Sundarijal of Kathmandu.

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