Watch: Cast Of “Youth Of May” Celebrate Go Min Si’s Birthday On Set

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KBS has released behind-the-scenes footage for “Youth of May” episodes 3 and four!

“Youth of May” is simply a play astir the romance betwixt Hwang Hee Tae (Lee Do Hyun) and Kim Myung Hee (Go Min Si) acceptable against the turbulent inheritance of May 1980, a historically important clip play successful South Korea. Lee Sang Yi and Geum Sae Rok co-star arsenic Lee Soo Chan and Lee Soo Ryun, siblings from a affluent household inheritance who person antithetic goals successful life.

The video begins arsenic Go Min Si archetypal notices the camera and points it retired to Lee Do Hyun, instantly making him bow. As they’re joined by Geum Sae Rok, the 3 each eagerly wave. Later, Geum Sae Rok is busily taking pictures of unit members, who adorably person stickers with her look from a java motortruck plastered connected their clothes.

As they movie a country astatine the meal table, Lee Sang Yi looks aft Go Min Si by putting a portion of galbi successful her bowl. When the cameras halt rolling, she surprises him by commenting, “Did you know you gave maine a carrot?”

Later, Go Min Si catches show of Park Se Hyun’s extravagant translation and struggles to support successful her laughter portion filming. The manager comments to Lee Do Hyun, “I deliberation it’s good to flinch. Seeing her today, I deliberation you would flinch.” Go Min Si besides pulls retired her polaroid camera, showing Lee Do Hyun however it works and taking photos of her formed members.

During a interruption for their infirmary scene, Lee Do Hyun states to Go Min Si, “Now that I look astatine it, your tallness is the aforesaid arsenic excavation sitting down.” Geum Sae Rok adds, “Right, she’s truthful small! She’s truthful cute, I’m going to die.”

Geum Sae Rok past tells Go Min Si and Lee Do Hyun however overmuch she’s enjoying the play “Sweet Home,” which the 2 look successful arsenic siblings. She explains that she’s connected occurrence 3 and Go Min Si comments that she’s truly cherishing the experience. Lee Do Hyun jokingly responds, “That conscionable means she’s lazy.”

On February 16, the formed and unit assistance observe Go Min Si’s birthday, which was the time before. After a little infinitesimal posing with her barroom and saying convey you, she past instantly transforms backmost into Myung Hee arsenic she says, “Should we bash rehearsals now?”

Lastly, Go Min Si and Lee Do Hyun movie a country with Park Se Hyun and her on-screen begetter Heo Jung Do. Lee Do Hyun and Heo Jung Do showcase their unthinkable chemistry and hilarious antics, causing Go Min Si to conflict to contain her laughter.

Watch the afloat video here!

KBS’s “Youth of May” airs connected Mondays and Tuesdays astatine 9:30 p.m. KST.

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