Watch: ITZY Claims 3rd Win For “In The Morning” On “M Countdown”; Performances By NCT DREAM, Oh My Girl, And More

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ITZY has won their 3rd euphony amusement trophy for their latest rubric way “In the morning“!

On the May 13 occurrence of the Mnet euphony show, the candidates for archetypal spot were ITZY’s “In the morning” and Highlight’s “NOT THE END.” ITZY yet took the triumph with a full of 8,526 points.

Congratulations to ITZY! Watch their show and triumph below:

Other performers connected today’s amusement included NCT DREAM, Oh My Girl, ONEUS, Highlight, ENHYPEN, ONF, AB6IX, P1Harmony, BAE173, KEEMBO, BLITZERS, HOT ISSUE, Second Aunt Kim Davi, D.Ark, Mad Monster, Soran, and Jung Dong Won.

Check retired their performances below!

NCT DREAM – “Dive Into You” and “Hot Sauce”

Oh My Girl – “Dear You” and “Dun Dun Dance”


Highlight – “NOT THE END”

ENHYPEN – “Drunk-Dazed”

ONF – “Ugly Dance”


P1Harmony – “Scared”

BAE173 – “Loved You”


BLITZERS – “Breathe Again”


Second Aunt Kim DaVi – “UP!”

D.Ark – “GENIUS” (featuring Changmo)

Mad Monster – “MINE RUDOLPH”

Soran – “DANG!”

Jung Dong Won – “My Favorite”

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