Watch: Jun So Min Hilariously Tries To Distract Song Ji Hyo During A Game By Kissing Her On “Running Man”

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On the latest occurrence of “Running Man,” Jun So Min came up with an unexpected tactic to propulsion Song Ji Hyo disconnected her game!

During the April 18 broadcast of the SBS assortment show, the formed members and guests had to play a crippled of spot successful which 2 players embraced each other, past rolled unneurotic to the different broadside of a agelong blanket. Along the way, determination were sirens of antithetic colors marking the zones that belonged to each team, and the 2 players had to effort to usage their spot to enactment successful their ain zones arsenic agelong arsenic possible—while rapidly rolling retired of the different team’s zones.

Song Ji Hyo and Jun So Min went head-to-head for 1 of the matches, and the different formed members instantly began worrying astir Jun So Min’s comparative deficiency of carnal strength. HaHa jokingly observed, “Look however relaxed Ji Hyo is,” and Jun So Min chimed successful with a laugh, “You cognize what she conscionable told me? She said she’s sleepy.”

Knowing she would suffer if she didn’t usage immoderate tricks to distract Song Ji Hyo, Jun So Min tried to compensate for her deficiency of spot by making her castmate uncomfortable with over-the-top displays of affection. Jun So Min gleefully explained, “[Song Ji Hyo] unnie hates this benignant of thing—cheesy stuff,” earlier attempting to distract with her a flurry of kisses earlier the crippled had adjacent started.

Despite Song Ji Hyo’s large protests and attempts to halt her, Jun So Min stuck to her strategy, starring Yoo Jae Suk to joke, “As expected, of people Jun So Min plays soiled erstwhile it comes to games.”

In the end, Song Ji Hyo managed to bushed Jun So Min with her strength—but not earlier giving her a sensation of her ain medicine. When she had fto her defender down, Song Ji Hyo startled her by jokingly pretending to spell successful for a buss connected the lips, causing Jun So Min to shriek successful surprise.

Check retired the clip of Jun So Min and Song Ji Hyo’s affectionate conflict below!

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