Watch: “Kingdom” Collaboration Units Go Above And Beyond To Show Off Their Superior Talents In New Preview

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Kingdom: Legendary War” has dropped different preview of the 3rd round!

Titled “NO LIMIT,” this round is astir the competing groups joining forces and taking the signifier unneurotic to enactment connected a full of six portion performances. ATEEZStray Kids, and BTOB form 1 squad called Mayfly, while THE BOYZSF9, and iKON form different squad called It’s One. The 2 teams volition spell head-to-head successful inter-group vocal, rap, and creation portion performances.

The video starts disconnected with the portion groups gathering together. First, it shows a glimpse of It’s One’s creation unit.

THE BOYZ’s Juyeon is the archetypal 1 successful the signifier room, and SF9’s Taeyang is the adjacent 1 to arrive. The aerial is afloat of awkwardness arsenic they greet each other, but the crystal is breached erstwhile iKON’s Donghyuk enters the room. Juyeon comments, “You’re dressed truthful nicely,” and Donghyuk responds with a friendly “thank you.”

Donghyuk suggests that they should archetypal decide who volition beryllium called hyung. In Korea, radical that are calved successful the aforesaid twelvemonth are considered to beryllium “friends” and usually necessitate nary peculiar deference oregon honorific erstwhile speaking to each other. However, radical calved successful January oregon February (prior to the commencement of the schoolhouse twelvemonth successful March) tin participate the people of the students calved a twelvemonth before, and mightiness beryllium considered to beryllium portion of that age radical alternatively than the 1 of their commencement year.

Donghyuk was calved successful January 1997, Taeyang was calved successful February 1997, and Juyeon was calved successful January 1998. Donghyuk comments, “Now this is wherever it gets interesting,” and Taeyang and Juyeon laughter successful agreement. After overmuch discussion, Juyeon shares that helium calls 2 of his members who are calved successful 1997 hyung, truthful helium decides to telephone Taeyang and Donghyuk hyung arsenic well.

While It’s One’s creation portion is disconnected to a dilatory but lukewarm start, Mayfly’s creation squad is already getting on with crystal pick that BTOB’s Peniel bought them. ATEEZ’s Wooyoung chats connected the telephone with BTOB’s Eunkwang, who is successful the vocal unit, and brags that Peniel got expensive crystal pick for the idols and unit members. Eunkwang jokes, “Don’t lie! You’re utilizing the institution card!”

Then Eunkwang comments, “Peniel, I heard you’re the person [of Mayfly’s creation team].” Peniel jokes, “BTOB’s person didn’t bargain maine thing similar this, truthful portion being the person of Mayfly, I thought I should hole that.” Their saccharine bickering makes everyone laugh, and their compatible vigor shoots done the roof.

The preview besides gives a peek astatine the six almighty and originative performances by the 2 teams. The extremity of the clip shows the peculiar valuation group, which includes Super Junior’s Shindong and Donghae, choreographer Lia Kim, and a popular producer.

This occurrence of “Kingdom: Legendary War” volition aerial connected May 13 astatine 7:50 p.m. KST. Check retired the caller preview below!

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