Watch: Lee Je Hoon, Esom, Pyo Ye Jin, And More Pursue Their Own Version Of Justice In “Taxi Driver” Teaser

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Upcoming SBS Friday-Saturday play “Taxi Driver” released a thrilling caller teaser!

Based connected the fashionable webtoon of the aforesaid name, “Taxi Driver” tells the communicative of a mysterious taxi work that delivers vengeance connected behalf of victims who are incapable to get justness done the law. Lee Je Hoon volition prima arsenic Kim Do Gi, a erstwhile peculiar forces serviceman who works arsenic a operator for the service, portion Esom volition prima arsenic passionate authoritative Kang Ha Na, who begins to turn suspicious of some Kim Do Gi and the antithetic taxi service.

The teaser begins with Jang Sung Cheol (Kim Eui Sung) asking Kim Do Gi, “Do you cognize wherefore your parent passed away? It’s this society’s responsibility for creating a monster similar that with inexpensive apologies.” He explains, “I’ve planned this enactment for a agelong time. Won’t you instrumentality revenge with me?”

Along with the question, “Do you inactive spot successful the justness of the police, prosecutors, and judges?” a transgression named Jo Do Chul is released from prison. However, aft helium gets connected a mysterious taxi, his whereabouts go unknown. Later, connected the tract wherever a taxi was burned, Kang Ha Na comments, “It’s 1 of 2 possibilities. The taxi operator is connected the aforesaid squad arsenic Jo Do Chul, oregon the taxi operator kidnapped Jo Do Chul.”

Ads for the Rainbow Taxi work squad statesman to look successful beforehand of radical who person mislaid each hope. A dependable implicit states, “Thank you for calling Rainbow Taxi. Please take if you would similar to punish those who person tormented you.” A lawsuit asks, “Where are we going?” and Kim Do Gi responds, “To get revenge.”

Rainbow Taxi is introduced arsenic a work that specializes successful planning, disguise, infiltration, and punishment. Clips amusement Kim Do Gi and Ahn Go Eun (Pyo Ye Jin) disguising themselves arsenic a teacher and pupil successful their expansive strategy to get revenge for a client.

Furthermore, a furious car pursuit ensues successful which Kim Do Gi crashes into a constabulary car, flipping it over. Kang Ha Na contemplates, “A mysterious taxi operator drove Jo Do Chul and crashed into a corrupt constabulary officer.” Her coworker explains that the mysterious operator is similar Batman, who lone appears successful beforehand of atrocious people. Kang Ha Na continues to pursuit aft the information down Rainbow Taxi, telling Kim Eui Sung, “Even if you fell it, I’ll find retired everything.”

Baek Sung Mi (Cha Ji Yeon) besides appears to beryllium brewing up occupation down the scenes arsenic she approaches Kim Do Gi with an connection to enactment with her. In the background, Ahn Go Eun asks, “If we look distant from these issues, who volition resoluteness the resentment these radical feel?” Kim Do Gi tells Kang Ha Na, “If radical similar you did their enactment properly, I wouldn’t person to beryllium saying this here.”

Watch the afloat teaser below!

“Taxi Driver” volition premiere connected April 9 astatine 10 p.m. KST, taking implicit the clip slot that was antecedently occupied by “The Penthouse 2.”

In the meantime, ticker Lee Je Hoon successful “Where Stars Land“:

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