Watch: Lee Je Hoon Makes Sleek Transformation Into Skillful Gambler For “Taxi Driver”

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Taxi Driver” has fixed different look onto their acceptable with a new behind-the-scenes clip!

SBS’s “Taxi Driver” follows the communicative of a mysterious taxi work that takes revenge connected behalf of clients who cannot get justness from the law. Lee Je Hoon stars arsenic Kim Do Gi, a erstwhile peculiar forces serviceman who works for the service, while Esom co-stars arsenic Kang Ha Na, a authoritative who becomes suspicious of his activities.

The making-of clip starts with Cha Ji Yeon, who portrays Baek Sung Mi, practicing her OST “All Day” during her waiting time. She explains, “It’s a track where the lyrics explicit the emotions that each characters tin feel, arsenic is. Although it’s precise beardown and rough, it’s a opus that besides contains tears.”

The adjacent scene shows Lee Je Hoon’s translation for the amerciable casino. For their ammunition crippled scene, the formed and unit person tips from YouTuber Kim Seul Gi whose transmission focuses connected fraud and gambling. The YouTuber expresses his volition to recreate a gambling country arsenic realistic arsenic imaginable but adds, “I did permission 1 ‘fly successful the ointment’ for viewers to discover.”

While filming successful a edifice with Shim So Young, Lee Je Hoon begins a due mukbang (eating broadcast). He past shows disconnected his well-practiced Yanbian dialect by filming a almighty country completing his theft.

Watch the afloat clip below!

SBS’s “Taxi Driver” airs Fridays and Saturdays astatine 10 p.m. KST.

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