Watch: Lee Seung Gi And “Mouse” Cast Share Why They Chose The Drama, Reasons To Tune In, And More

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The stars of tvN’s “Mouse” sat down for a amusive exclusive interview with Rakuten Viki!

“Mouse” is an unpredictable enigma thriller acceptable successful a satellite wherever humans tin place psychopaths by performing a DNA trial connected a fetus successful a mother’s womb. Lee Seung Gi stars successful the play arsenic Jung Ba Reum, an upstanding rookie constabulary serviceman who is passionate astir justice, portion Lee Hee Joon stars arsenic Go Moo Chi, a hot-headed detective whose parents were murdered erstwhile helium was young and who is consenting to edifice to immoderate means indispensable to avenge their deaths.

Park Ju Hyun plays Oh Bong Yi, a precocious schoolhouse pupil who acts pugnacious but suffers from heavy affectional trauma, portion Kyung Soo Jin plays Choi Hong Joo, a TV producing manager who is secretly hiding scars from her ain achy past.

In the recently released interview, the formed members speech astir wherefore they decided to motion connected to the drama. Lee Seung Gi shares that helium was impressed by the well-written script, portion Lee Hee Joon playfully remarks, “I ended up joining due to the fact that I heard Lee Seung Gi would beryllium successful it.” Lee Seung Gi returns the emotion by responding with a laugh, “I besides joined due to the fact that I heard [Lee Hee Joon] would beryllium successful it.”

Park Ju Hyun reveals that the publication was truthful good, she work the full happening successful 1 sitting—and that her co-stars were each elder actors with whom she’d hoped to enactment astatine slightest once. Finally, Kyung Soo Jin praises the manager and explains that his past enactment gave her assurance that he’d bash an astonishing occupation with this play arsenic well.

The 4 stars besides effort to sum up wherefore viewers should tune successful to the play successful conscionable 5 syllables, and portion Lee Seung Gi initially expresses his doubts, the task proves easier than expected. After each of them comes up with a five-syllable line, Lee Hee Joon cracks everyone up by jokingly adding 1 more: “Lee Seung Gi’s successful it.”

The “Mouse” formed past goes connected to uncover immoderate of their idiosyncratic preferences successful a amusive TMI conception of the interview.

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