Watch: Lee Seung Gi, Park Ju Hyun, And More Are Eager To Share Ideas On The Set Of “Mouse”

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The formed of “Mouse” are afloat of ideas successful the latest behind-the-scenes clip!

tvN’s “Mouse” is astir a constabulary serviceman named Jung Ba Reum (Lee Seung Gi) and a hardened detective named Go Moo Chi (Lee Hee Joon) who seeks revenge against the serial slayer who murdered his parents. The 2 squad up to way down an evil psychopathic predator.

The video starts with Lee Seung Gi diligently practicing for an enactment scene. He aboriginal shares a java with Lee Hee Joon earlier their rehearsals. Once they statesman filming, the 2 some repeatedly stumble connected their lines, unintentionally showing however alike they are.

At the ceremonial hall, Lee Seung Gi and Park Ju Hyun are heavy successful treatment astir their upcoming scene. As they popcorn ideas disconnected each other, Lee Hee Joon walks by and jokingly chimes in, “They’ll fig it retired for you with the editing. Don’t worry.”

Lee Seung Gi and Park Ju Hyun conscionable again for a nighttime country and erstwhile again are heavy successful discussion. Lee Seung Gi explains that his quality Jung Ba Reum believes this volition beryllium the past clip he’ll spot Park Ju Hyun’s quality Oh Bong Yi and wants to archer her the truth, but conscionable ends up hurting her feelings.

After filming a hard scene, Park Ju Hyun and Lee Hee Joon instrumentality photos with the nighttime view. Park Ju Hyun comments, “To our photographer, delight besides instrumentality photos of Moo Chi and Bong Yi. I’m so sad that helium lone takes photos with Lee Seung Gi.”

Watch the making-of video here!

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