Watch: NCT DREAM Gets All Fired Up While Reacting To Their Own “Hot Sauce” MV

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NCT DREAM has shared a amusive absorption video for their caller “Hot Sauce” euphony video!

On May 12, NCT DREAM posted a clip of themselves watching their latest euphony video for the precise archetypal time. The video begins with Mark adorably incapable to incorporate his excitement arsenic they hole to ticker their long-awaited euphony video for their archetypal seven-member comeback successful astir 3 years.

Throughout the clip, the NCT DREAM members hype each different up and respond with some awe and amusement arsenic they ticker themselves connected screen. They besides nostalgically callback what it was similar to movie the euphony video and sermon which parts of the “Hot Sauce” choreography they deliberation are the hardest.

After watching the full euphony video, the NCT DREAM members explicit their restitution with however it turned out, and Jeno remarks, “I deliberation you’d request to ticker the video astatine slightest 5 times to find each the amusive and absorbing elements.” Jaemin aboriginal chimes in, “I truly liked however astir nary of the scenes we filmed were wasted, and they each made it into the video.”

Watch NCT DREAM’s afloat absorption to their “Hot Sauce” euphony video with English subtitles below!

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