Watch: Song Kang And Han So Hee Make Each Other’s Hearts Skip A Beat In Video Call Teasers For “Nevertheless”

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JTBC has shared 2 unsocial caller teasers for its upcoming play “Nevertheless”!

Based connected the webtoon of the aforesaid name, “Nevertheless” is simply a romance play starring Han So Hee arsenic Yoo Na Bi, a pistillate who doesn’t judge successful emotion but inactive wants to date, and Song Kang arsenic Park Jae Uhn, a antheral who doesn’t privation to day but inactive wants to person flings.

In 2 recently released “video telephone teasers” for the drama, Song Kang and Han So Hee springiness viewers bosom palpitations by delivering their lines consecutive into the camera.

In the archetypal clip, Song Kang says, “I’m going to spell bargain crystal cream. Want to travel with me?” After seemingly having been asked why, helium continues, “Just because. You’re cute. But you know, I’m amazed by you. When you smile, you look different.”

Meanwhile, Han So Hee’s clip begins with her demanding, “What is this? Why are you here?” She goes connected to teasingly laugh, “Why are you smiling? Do you truly similar drinking with maine that much? Then bash you privation to spell now?”

“Nevertheless” volition premiere connected June 19 astatine 11 p.m. KST.

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