Watch: TXT Lights Up “Good Morning America” With Premiere Performance Of English Track “Magic”

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TXT brought their “Magic” to “Good Morning America”!

On June 10 section time, TXT made their first-ever quality connected the celebrated U.S. greeting speech show, wherever they performed their opus “Magic” for the precise archetypal time.

“Magic,” TXT’s archetypal English-language track, is 1 of the B-sides from their caller workplace medium “The Chaos Chapter: FREEZE.” An upbeat disco-pop song, “Magic” showcases an wholly antithetic broadside of the radical from their grittier, affectional pop-rock rubric way “0X1=LOVESONG (I Know I Love You).”

In a unrecorded interrogation earlier their performance, Yeonjun explained, “‘Magic’ is astir your magical quality to melt the crystal astir me.” Taehyun chimed in, “It’s a truly large opus for the summer. We’re truly blessed to stock it with you guys,” portion Huening Kai added, “We anticipation you’ll clap and creation along.”

TXT volition besides beryllium releasing a euphony video for “Magic” connected June 11 astatine 1 p.m. KST. Check retired their teaser for the video here, and watch TXT’s interrogation and premiere show of “Magic” connected “Good Morning America” below!

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